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What we offer


Occupational Therapy Assessments and Interventions 

within education and commercial environments.


Training and workshops

designed to reduce stress and staff absence in the work place as well as bespoke training packages.

Vocational assessments

to support employees in returning to work on behalf of employers, insurers, solicitors and other interested parties. 

News and Updates


We are pleased to confirm that we are now able to assess children suspected of having Autism in the areas of communication, social interaction and play. 

Well done to Nikki and Vicki on passing your Module 2 in Sensory Integration Therapy.  Both are now able to administer the Sensory Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT) as part of their occupational therapy assessments.  

Welcome to the newest member of our team

Barry is a retired greyhound, he was rehomed with Vicki 3 years ago and has since joined her whenever suitable in her work as an occupational therapist. he has been assessed by Pets as Therapy volunteers to have a good temperament to work with a range of people and is registered with pets as therapy.  Barry's favourite thing in the world apart from his bed is cuddles and he is a very willing and happy therapy companion. 


Evidence for the benefits of animals with children with additional needs is limited and largely anecdotal however there is a growing body of support for how beneficial animals are in helping children with additional needs engage socially and reduce anxiety and stress. 

They have been shown to: reduce stress for family members; promote positive changes in behaviour; provide comfort for children when upset; reduce behaviours of concern.  children with social communication difficulties often find that being with animals is helpful, they don't need to try and work out what is or isn't being communicated and the experience is unconditional.

Barry has been seen to reduce anxiety and provide sensory input including proprioceptive stimulation which aids calming, helps with concentration, developing empathy and responsibility.  Barry also is a useful medium for social stories to talk about feelings, and emotions, in addition support around physical health and well-being from diet, fitness and exercise to brushing your teeth. 

Please get in contact if you would like to meet Barry and see how he can help the children in your school or setting. 

We are open
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 
09:00 - 17:00



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Tel: 01603 767498

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