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Privacy Policy

Open Arms support Services Ltd (OASS) takes the privacy of your information very seriously.  This privacy policy applies to our use of any and all data collected by us or provided by you in relation to our website, products and services. 

Information gathered via our enquiry form will be held whilst contact is in progress.   This information will be deleted after 30 days, if no further contact or service is provided. 

Open Arms Support Services Ltd (OASS) are compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with regards to the following types of information: 

Client (defined as the person/ organisation who is commissioning the service of OASS);

Service User (defined as the person/ family who receives occupational therapy involvement as commissioned by the client, i.e: a child (service user) attending a school (client) where an OASS service is being delivered). 

Client information:

OASS typically collects and stores the following client information: 

Head teacher, SENDCo and class teachers names;

Email addresses for the above individuals;

The school address and phone number;

Details of the service level agreement between OASS and the school, including duration of the agreement, number of days purchased and the financial information associated with the agreement.

This information is kept to ensure that the delivery of the service level agreement by OASS and the payment of the service by the school occurs in the agreed manner. Once the agreement expires, this information is kept on record for 6 years from the end of OASS last financial year.  Once this time has lapsed all information will be destroyed. This is in line with HMRC guidelines. 

Service user information:

OASS typically collects and stores the following service user information:

Name, address, date of birth of the service user;

Name, address and contact details for any parent/ guardian;

Clinical notes documenting details of each appointment or communication concerning the service user;

Results of standardised / non-standardised assessments that affect the delivery of the intervention; 

Consent to treatment and data protection information;

Correspondence concerning the service user.

This information is collected and kept to evidence occupational therapy assessments and is done so in line with health guidelines provided by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). This information is kept for seven years post intervention, except in the case of a child, where records will be archived until that child reaches the age of 25 or 26 if service with that child started at the age of 17. 

Information storage:

Both client and service user information is stored centrally and electronically. It can only be accessed by employees of OASS who require access to client and service user information. With regards to client information, this is typically the Business Coordinator and the Clinical Director. With regards to service user information, this is typically the clinician/s allocated to the service user. The business coordinator will also access information for the purpose of quality assurance audits and contacting the service user on behalf of the therapist eg: in times of staff sickness. 

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