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Downloadable Resources

Below are some resources that we have put together to help support you and your family in the home. 

There are lots of helpful hints and tips on how to manage time, routine and sleep, along with instruction on how to implement sensory circuits. 

If you would like any further information about our resources or service please feel free to get in touch, using the contact form. 

Sleeping Siblings

Sleep Routine

Children Playing Tug of War

Sensory Circuits

This information leaflet provides strategies to help you support your child/children with sleep routines and structure

Sensory circuits are often recommended for children who have sensory motor challenges.  Schools often use them as whole school or class resources to help children to be in the best state ready and alert for learning.  This FAQ answers some common questions about how to support your child to access Sensory Circuits in the home and local area.  Building a routine and habit to promote our mind and body to be ready and able to learn.

Home School Activities

Strategies to Manage  Home Schooling

Concentration, screen time and keeping sane, home schooling is hard work and we have all been thrown in the deep end.  Here are some ideas to support you and your child learn the art of home schooling and keeping going.

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