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Speech and Language Therapy

What is Speech and Language Therapy?

Communication is key to so many things in our children’s lives. From building relationships and communicating basic needs, to play, peer interaction and learning.​

All children should be given the opportunity to develop their communication skills in order to meet their true potential. Speech and Language Therapists can help children to:

Develop their listening and attention skills.

Learn to interact and build relationships with others.

Encourage their imagination and play skills.

Support their understanding of spoken language.

Increase their use of spoken language

Improve the clarity and fluency of their speech.

Are you worried about your child’s speech, language and communication?

We offer a free initial consultation, so we can listen to your concerns and together we can make a plan to help your child.

We can:

  • ​Work directly with your child to help them develop the skills they need.

  • Work with your family so that you can feel confident to support your child in practical, achievable.

  • Work with your child’s school or nursery to help them to understand the best ways to support and teach your child.​

  • Advocate for you and your child at meetings with other professionals and help you to access the help you need.

  • Provide resources and information and introduce you to other professionals that may be able to help.

Speech and Language Therapy: Services
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