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African american little girl sitting on the roll mat practicing meditate yoga in the park

Sensory Yoga

Yoga is a gentle exercise that is supported by research to be beneficial for both mind and body. Our Yoga For Sensory Regulation focuses on developing sensory motor skills such as balance and coordination and uses poses therapeutically to support the vestibular system (via inversions) and the proprioceptive system, helping the muscles and joints to send messages to the central nervous system to know where the body is in space. This will be achieved in an age appropriate and fun way, incorporating storytelling and moving to music. Yoga has also been shown to help calm those with sensory  overload by regulating the sympathetic nervous system and facilitating the cessation of the fight/flight/freeze response. 

Yoga for Sensory Regulation is delivered by a trained yoga instructor who is also a member of the Open Arms Support Services occupational therapy team which ensures that sessions are inclusive, therapeutic and evidence-based. 

Sensory Yoga is suitable for children aged three upwards and would be appropriate for those looking to regulate their sensory systems. 

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