Sensory processing

Open Arms therapists adopt a functional approach to sensory processing; taking into account the sensory components of the environment, the occupations and the skill set of the person being assessed. Our therapists try to gain an understanding of the person's whole lived life and therefore, our clinical work typically takes place in the environments that important, such as home and school. 


Sensory processing is assessed using standardised and non-standardised assessments, observations, consultations with family and  school staff and also via informal clinical work. This approach allows the therapist to consider the client's functioning across multiple environments. 

The thorough and multi-faceted assessment process enables Open Arms occupational therapists to develop bespoke, outcome focused, and evidence based interventions, with an emphasis on using normal, every day activities to encourage a child to self-regulate. This facilitates increased awareness of sensory needs and has a positive impact on  all areas of functioning. 

Soon we'll be able to offer the SIPT sensory assessment.



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